Personal Injury Law

Davis & Wright, P.C. was founded as a legal practice focusing on personal injury trial law in 1985. Since then, the firm has represented clients in all varieties of personal injury claims including automobile, trucking, commercial, construction and residential matters.

The firm’s personal injury attorneys strive to achieve the best result for our clients, whether that is settlement of the claims or asking a judge or jury to decide the outcome. Our attorneys have developed a reputation of being able to evaluate the liability and damage claims involved in a lawsuit with a realistic approach to resolution. We always keep the client’s desires and best interest at the forefront, constantly taking into consideration the impact of litigation in our clients’ lives.

Representative Clients and Cases

  • Trucking, motor vehicle, and motorcycle accidents
  • Wrongful death and survival actions
  • Construction site injuries
  • Wild animal injuries
  • Injuries arising from product defect claims
  • Premises liability claims, i.e. slip and falls
  • Recreational vehicle accidents
  • Dram shop claims, i.e. alleged over-service of alcohol by bars and restaurants
  • Negligent entrustment claims
  • Fraternity hazing injuries

Due to the extensive experience of our personal injury attorneys, we have developed relationships with other lawyers and firms through the state, allowing us to utilize vast resources and expertise in the representation of our client.

While many of the services are provided through casualty and liability insurance companies, the firm also represents individuals and businesses in these claims. Additional information about these practice areas of Davis & Wright is provided under the Construct Law, Product Liability and Professional Liability sections.