Insurance Regulatory & Litigation

Our Insurance Regulatory & Litigation Group provides advice and counsel to executive and senior management, claims, and underwriting staff of property and casualty insurers on a wide range of corporate and regulatory operations, and enterprise litigation. We understand our clients’ business and how legal challenges interact with those operations.

Our services include:

  • Representation before the Texas Department of Insurance

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Regulatory investigations and enforcement actions

  • Administrative hearings

  • Corporate communications

  • Advice and counsel on legislative affairs

  • Inter-company dispute resolution

  • Agency relations and disputes

  • Staff training and education

  • Policy drafting and phase-in

  • Underwriting guidelines

  • Claims policies and procedures

  • Policyholder communications

  • Vendor agreements

Our attorneys have extensive experience with first and third party practice in direct representation of insurers and agents.

We assist in property damage, auto and general liability and professional liability exposures from claim investigation through mediation, civil trials, appeals or administrative proceedings. Our services include:

  • Claims legal advice & counsel

  • Investigation & examinations

  • Risk assessment

  • Coverage opinions

  • Declaratory judgement

  • Expert testimony

  • Fraud investigation

  • Litigation guidelines, strategy and management

  • Coordinating counsel for serial and mass litigation

  • Electronic discovery for serial and mass litigation

  • Litigation and trial of first party lawsuits, including extra-contractual exposures

  • Litigation and trial of auto claims, general liability and professional liability